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The Music Business
"Nora and I are busy writing some new songs and we have had a blast doing so! As of now, we are both coming up with ideas for songs and Nora is throwing out some great lyrics and arrangements, a long with writing some great piano parts! "TOO DAMN OLD" and a couple others are coming together very nicely and I can't wait to get Jim, Ed and Ted's input" -BL
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"Blue Lew's Rhythm & Dues" consists of Blue Lew Hogue, Nora Wixted-Hogue, Jim Remsburg and Ed Jones and sometimes we are lucky enough to have some of our talented friends join us on stage for some very inspirational jams... Those are the moments we strive for!
We look forward to recording our debut CD/Release "Come Hell Or High Water" and can't wait to get started. Right now it is in the writing and learning process and going well.
We are still looking for the perfect new home for the weekly Sunday Beachcomber Jam, but until then, we look forward to sharing some great tunes and good times with all our friends, fans and jammers, wherever we can make it happen!
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The Web Design Business
"Web Design By Blue Lew" has taken off and I've really enjoyed building websites from the ground up! That being said, I'm not taking on any new customers at this time so I can better manage the sites I maintain. I look forward to sharing some fresh links with you soon!