2011 is destined to the electric bicycle industry, add a heavy, from the national lead-acid battery shutdown remediation to "on the strengthening of electric bicycle management notice" issued, this extraordinary year, so that electric bicycles suffered heavy losses, doubt Was "disaster", so that the industry into a predicament, then the electric car industry really into a desperate it?


Do not? At least in the 29th China Jiangsu International Bicycle Electric Vehicle and Parts Fair, we do not see the industry showing a depressed scene, as one of the three major electric car exhibition in China, gave us an answer, the industry continues to advance in the predicament .


More than 500 enterprises exhibitors, showing a fiery atmosphere, its enterprises in the bleak background of the industry self-pity, as it is to strive for the upper reaches.


The debut of new products is the best proof, in constant voice of doubt, companies have introduced a series of new products, against depression, to meet consumer demand.


The rectification of lead-acid batteries for the shutdown, the supply situation, many companies have launched lithium car products, with the power of enterprises to promote lithium batteries in the field of electric bicycle applications.


Temporary rest is to more long-term development, this sentence is in line with the electric bicycle industry, from the rapid development to 2011, the industry needs to upgrade, and 2011 two storms virtually impelled the pace of upgrading, so that enterprises have a rational development The development of electric bicycle industry is not easy, the industry needs a new take-off to deal with internal challenges and external pressures, we must adhere to independent innovation, and strive to develop the development of electric bicycle industry in the new round of development of the task, New materials, new technologies, new products, with technology to create high-quality electric vehicle products is the breakthrough of the development of the encirclement.


In the 29th China Jiangsu International Bicycle Electric Vehicle and Parts Fair we see the vitality of the industry, as long as the enterprise has a positive, courageous, the biggest difficulties can be solved, the electric car industry will not always in the cold trough , The spring will come.